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Barbeque in Spring…

Berlin, am 11. April 2013

Well did we learn in play school that there are four seasons in a year? Digging into the basics, I recollect my teacher having taught something like: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, follow a cyclic pattern to share their responsibilities towards the world. I believed in the same until this year…

My German colleagues share a common joke nowadays whereby a subscript to each of their mails state:” Don`t ask about the weather, even for me it`s quite strange to have snow in middle/end of March”…Indeed it’s a matter of concern for the Meteorological department if seasons go missing, may be the cops might be of some help, but for those who like a few mix and matches with their plans, this might just be an interesting option.

Some of my friends were waiting for the spring to have a Barbeque party. Since the end of February we had been postponing the same as there was snow all around and we were not brave enough to try something new. Eventually I convinced them to have one in the snow.

Lots of planning went into the preparations to keep ourselves warm throughout the day. On the day of our venture, we were all taken by surprise. There was no snowfall since morning and the mercury levels had risen considerably. The snow that was present around was also melting making it pleasant everywhere. It seemed as though spring was waiting for us to take the first step. I am glad that we did and could enjoy a much awaiting outing in the park… BBQ 1 (1)



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