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あなたは何故ベルリンに?-Why did you choose to be here in Berlin?

Keiko Asai
Berlin, am 26. October 2016


Yesterday, I’ve introduced my international classmates, and today I’ll introduce good friends of min and talk about why we came here in Berlin. Everybody has their goal and everyday we are making progress!


Here is Daisy, from Australia.
She came here hoping to be a part of fashion industry. In past three months, she has sent so many CV and this month, finally she got an internship offer for one of the fashion company in Berlin. She is the youngest in the class, but always helps me to understand the confusing grammar structure.


IV from Albania.
He is a doctor and came here to study further more in medical field. He will do his PhD in Berlin, and to receive education in German, he need to have a C1 level language skill. I believe that he will make it soon, because he is the most talkative person in our class! He is our important mood maker and everybody loves having him in our class;))

I came to Berlin, hoping to find a job which is related to film industry. Soon or later, I need to start job hunting here, which is a bit stressful. But my classmates always inspire me and I always green aura get by them. I’m glad to study with them.



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