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Vegan restaurants in Berlin

Berlin, am 21. September 2019

Sandra, 19 September 2019

I have been a vegan for many years now and one of the reasons I moved to Berlin was because it is so vegan friendly! So many restaurants to choose from. This time I enjoyed a delicious Mittagessen in Mitte. I have not even started to scratch the surface… I have a long way to go!


Transportation in Berlin

Berlin, am

Sandra, 18 September 2019

Transportation in Berlin (buses, overground and underground trains and trams) is great, but when you have just arrived, it could be a bit tricky to understand how to navigate them all. Usually, one ticket will allow you to access all transportation, but it’s important to know which one to get so you don’t get a fine from ticket controllers. Go to the BVG website or download the BVG app which will explain in detail which ticket to buy or ask a local and practice your German 🙂




Berlin, am 20. September 2019

Sandra, 16 September 2019

I like to often walk around Berlin in areas I have never been and this time I found all these goodies! I’ve always had a love for reading, so now when I buy books, they have to be in German! Trying different ways to interact with the language you are learning is a must 😉


How we study at the best German school in Berlin

Berlin, am

Sandra, 12 September 2019

I really enjoy the way classes are structured at Deutsch Akademie. We are presented with different methods of learning, like 5 minute conversation between students about a particular subject, review of our homework of the day, listening lessons and interactive activities. All this makes learning German much easier and enjoyable at the best German school in Berlin!


Start of my new German classes in Berlin

Berlin, am 16. September 2019
Sandra, 10 September 2019
I just started my new German classes in Berlin at Deutsch Akademie and I am looking forward in learning German, which will make it much more fun exploring and living in Berlin 🙂
I moved to Berlin from the US (San Francisco). I grew up in Ecuador and studied in Brazil. Living in different countries is one of the reasons why I enjoy learning about other cultures and languages, so wish me luck in this next endeavor!

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