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The one with Deutsch is going harder

Elifsu D
Berlin, am 01. September 2015

Until now, learning Deutsch was going okay. But now, it is going harder. We have important issues now. I’m scared! :O Today we started a new topic. It is Perfect Tense. It was one of the confusing subject which i learned. The difference between akkusativ and dativ was a difficult topic. And making nouns plural was difficult, either. But this subject is harder than others. I have to study more. Last 2 days in A1.1. Subjects are getting harder. I think other serious issues are waiting for me in A1.2. But i still like studying Deutsch. 🙂 I love DeutschAkademi generally. They care about students. It is hard to find a language school like this. And i’m happy to have a family member who knows Deutsch as her first language. She knows Turkish, Deutsch and a little English. She speaks Deutsch fluently. Sometimes we practise Deutsch at home. Practise is the most important thing. Hopefully, i will learn Deutsch as she learned. 🙂 These are my untidy table and homeworks to do. 😀IMG_1731



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