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The adress of peace

Elifsu D
Berlin, am 01. September 2015

I think, the best park in Berlin is Volkspark Friedrichshain. If you want to enjoy the silence and nature, you should go there. You can go jogging, ride a bike and watch the ducks which are swimming in the lake. And there is also a cafe in the park. Today i went Volkspark Friedrichshain and i went jogging. I saw the people which were walking their dogs. The dogs i saw in Berlin are so lovely. I wish i had a dog but i havent. 🙁 After a little walking, i sat a chair on the lakeside. I was alone and i closed my eyes and breathed the air. That smells peace. I’m not kidding! You can just sit a chair on the lakeside and think about something or dream. This is necessary for a person sometimes.If you want to be alone and think, Volkspark Freidrichshain is the adress! I suggest  this park to everyone who reads my articles. 🙂  This photo is from the cafe which is in Volkspark Freidrichshain. Its milky coffee was good.




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