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Reichstag Diary

Elifsu D
Berlin, am 02. September 2015

There is a historical place in Berlin which i read books about it. Ofcourse it is Reichstag! I went to Reichstag by bike. It was amusing. Last year i read a book about Hitler’s period. The book’s name is Ring. It impressed me. There were a love story, World War 2 and people which are in the middle of the war. Some parts of book was related with Reichstag. The novelist told about Reichstag to the readers. Top of the building, soldiers in it, rooms in it and exc. They are all in the book. While i was reading the book, i dreamed about Reichstag. I havent been in Berlin so i can only dream about it. The book was wonderful and so was Reichstag. I dreamed about it last year and now i can visit it! It’s super! Dreaming about something and living in it are very different things. First i dreamed, now i made my dreams come true. I’m so glad! I like Reichstag. It has a different building. You can watch all the city on the top of the building. View of the city is perfect if you are on the top of Reichstag. Reichstag is a symbol of Berlin. If you came Berlin but didnt visit Reichstag, that’s a pitty. 🙂IMG_1491



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