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Last day in A1.1

Elifsu D
Berlin, am 03. September 2015

My Wittenbergplatz story is just ended. But my Alexanderplatz story will start next monday. 🙂 4 weeks passed like 4 days. I had good friends and good teacher. I’m gonna miss them all. 🙁 I had a great time. I love my teacher Sophia most. She teached me so much things. Most important thing for learning is asking questions. I wasnt shy while i had been in my class. So i could ask everything which i didnt understand. Hopefully, my next teacher will be like Sophia. Today i’m a little upset beacuse of leaving Wittenbergplatz. But at the same time i’m glad, too. Because i’m excited for being in Alexanderplatz. I will take A1.2 level in Alexanderplatz DeutschAkademi. Alexanderplatz is more moving place. I’m pretty sure that i will have a great time! 😀 Difficult topics, new friends, new place, new teacher… They are all waiting for me in A1.2. This is my last day selfie. Tschüs!




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