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Ich kann Deutsch sprechen!

Elifsu D
Berlin, am 24. August 2015

I’m on the last week of the course and all is well! I have no problem with the things which we have learnt so far. The teacher is good and so are my classmates. We are doing homework everyday. Learning Deutsch is still exciting! I hope i had more time to stay here and kept going to course but i have to back to Turkey. Because schools are opening. If i had time, i would be learn so much different things. But i miss Turkey, too! Especially the delicious foods, my family and my friends! When i backed to Turkey, i will miss these days. The only thing i dont like in Berlin is foods. I always eat fast food in here. That’s so bad! I miss Turkish foods so much! It’s hard to find a good Turkish restaurant in Berlin. I ate outside in some restaurants but they cant challenge with the real Turkish restaurants. In Turkey it is different. The foods, the service and the waiters… Anyway, studying Deutsch is still amusing. That’s why i’m still in Berlin. I’m pretty sure that  remaining 3 will be amusing, either.




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