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Elifsu D
Berlin, am 31. August 2015

What a day! We went to amusement park with my friends yesterday. We arrived there with our bikes. I enjoyed so much! Firstly we got in the Crazy Dance. It looks easy and i said there is nothing to fear. But when i got into, it has started turning very fast.I was shocked, i didnt think it could have that speed.  I screamed a lot, it was funny. After that we started to play games. I played dart at once. I didnt make good shots so i gained nothing. We played some others game too and finally i find a game. In this game you have a fishing rod and you try to catch toy ducks with it. If you catch 20 ducks, you get a gift. It was amusing. End of the day, i have 3 toys from 3 different games. 2 of them are in the Picture. They are cute, arent they?






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