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Elifsu D
Berlin, am 31. August 2015

If you are at Berlin and interested in sports, you should see OlympiaStadion. Once in 4 year, olympiads are arranged. The atmosphere in olympiads is incredible. Especially running. When Asafa Powell, Usain Bolt and other start to run 100 metres, i hold my breath. It’s the most exciting thing in the World. They run 100 metres in 9 second or something. That’s unbelieveable. Usain Bolt had 3 gold medals in 2009 Berlin World Championships. You can see some sporters handprints or footprints in the garden of OlympiaStadion. For example, i saw Robben’s footprints. Robben is the one of my favourite footballers. He is playing in Bayern Münich. And Bayern Münich is my favourite team. I really want to watch Dortmund-Bayern Münich match in OlympiaStadion. In 2014 at OlympiaStadium Dortmund and Bayern Münich had match. And Bayern beated Dortmund 2-0 in Berlin. Hopefully, one day i can watch BVB-FCBM match in OlympiaStadion. Bundesliga is the best!




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