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Unsere Lehrerin Marie

Aurelia D
Berlin, am 04. February 2015

Already mentioned in my previous posts, I finally decided to dedicate a few lines only for her: our nice teacher Marie! Marie is the real rock star of our course. A blond skinny girl who has the power to teach us the secrets of the German language. Her main ingredient for every lecture is a big smile and a very positive attitude. Even though often our faces look so desperate while approaching some new alien concepts, she finds the way to encourage us with her positive energy. In fact, without her methods, I bet that for most of us “poor students still at level A1.2” the course would be very boring. I mean, the panic already started and we are still at the beginning. “Zu viele wörter”, too many cases to conjugate and a lot of mass panic! Fortunately Marie makes everything easier for us. Marie´s creative way of teaching makes possible to learn and have fun at the same time. Through table games, activities outdoor, team exercises and a lot of patience for our great variety of questions, I accomplished the goal to make phone calls and organize appointments in German! This is for sure only a small result. But it is the proof that the time at the course has flown away so fast that we did not even realize how many words, verbs and grammar we have learned in a very short time. And I am aware of that every day, when sentences come spontaneously to my mind and I start thinking in German.

Once I asked Marie if we are going to do a final test to evaluate our improvements at the end of the course. It sounds logical to me, otherwise how would you quantify your improvements? Marie´s answer shocked me a bit and at the beginning I could not grasp Marieher way of thinking. She claimed that we will make a team test where we can mutually cooperate to reach the final result. She preferred a group test, since individual tests would just foster the competition among us. But after a few classes, I finally understood what she meant. I realized how good we work all together and how much we learn from each other. Then Marie was right: social learning is the winning tool.

Unfortunately, Marie is teaching only at the basic level, therefore we have to say goodbye to her in 2 days. Marie, we will miss you! Are you sure you don´t want to teach at the next level too? 🙂



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