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Stopping by “die Berlinale”

Aurelia D
Berlin, am 09. February 2015

On Sunday I decided to stop by the famous and glamorous Berlin International Film Festival Berlinale just to have a look at it. I wanted to get a general and superficial idea about this popular event. The place was full of tourists from everywhere with a strict plan of activities, movies lovers, reporters, hidden celebrities and big cues for everything. With no plans as usual, I was curious first to taste the atmosphere and eventually decide what to do later. No need to say that my friends from far away were going completely crazy and my whatsapp was just exploding with the weirdest requests, regarding for instance autographs or selfies with Robert Pattinson! Although I took a picture just in front of the red carpet, I was not very attracted by the activity of waiting for celebrities to show up for 2 seconds, and more important, I was freezing! Thus, I told my poor friends from far away to give up the illusion to receive some autographs as next birthday´s present. Instead, the whole atmosphere triggered my interest in knowing the roots of Berlinale and how it developed over the years. My short excursion on Sunday increased my curiosity and desire to get deeper into the topic.

Once at home, I got to know that Berlinale was created by Oscar Martay, an American Film Officer, during the post war period, when Berlin was still “ruined” by the big tragedy of the war. So the first Festival took place in 1951, a year of reconstruction for Berlin, which was still hardly recovering from war wounds. The first director was Dr. Alfred Bauer and the movie opening the first edition was Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rebecca”.

On 5th of February of this year, “Nobody wants the night” of the Spanish Isabel Coixet opened the 65th edition of Berlinale. I read that the movie draws inspiration from the real story of Robert Peary´s travel to reach the North Pole, but from the perspective of his wife. On the way to reach his husband, the woman finds herself in the situation of spending the winter with an Asian woman.

Well, after reading all these insights, I am curious enough to start my plan. Now I am going to pick up the movie I will watch this week.

Don´t worry, if you still do not have a plan, there is enough time.

So, make yours and get ready to enjoy the last days of Berlinale!Berlinale



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