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Humans of Deutschkurs

Aurelia D
Berlin, am 04. February 2015

One day a guy called Brandon Stanton had an idea: to follow his passion. After losing his job, he decided to dedicate his time by doing what he liked the most: photography. And he had a project in his mind. He wanted to create a photo book with a collection of images of New Yorkers. By going around the city and collecting pictures of all its inhabitants, he must have realized that all these people were also stories, unknown stories that had to be told. So, he included a short text alongside every picture with a short story about the life of all these people. Thus the blog: Humans of New York was created”. The blog was followed by the book, which became a best seller in NYC. Brandon knew that New York was the perfect city for this experiment: the city with the biggest variety of cultures and stories in the world, the so called Melting Pot.

I like to believe that Berlin is the European version of New York. People could now argue my point of view and they would give this honor to other cities as London or Paris.

Well, this is just my personal opinion. The 2 cities have at least one thing in common: they are places with a continuous immigration of individuals coming from everywhere.  People are attracted by the vibe of these 2 cities. I am sure that the constant move of people coming from everywhere is not only because of the economic situation. It is scientifically proved that most of the times people do not take decisions based on a precise calculations of a list of well-analyzed logical reasons. Ok, maybe only Germans! 😀 the motivation is different from one person to another. Actually, once, at the job center, I have been told that statistically, people move to Berlin for “die Liebe”.

Our course is just a small good example of this phenomenon. In my group, I had the pleasure to meet and exchange opinion with people coming from Australia, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Israel and Russia. I am the only Italian. It is very interesting talking about their motivations and their background. In my life I have done several international experiences (both academic and professional), but every time I approach a new multicultural environment, it always surprises me. I like to get new insights from people who I will never have the chance to meet in a stable and predictable environment.

I am very attracted by the power of Weak relations: those people who just crossed your path of life for a short time, but they leave you something precious.

Greets to all the nice people I met during this month. Some of them will not continue to A2, so I wish you so much luck guys! And for the others, see you on Monday!




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