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Aurelia D
Berlin, am 08. February 2015

I have never been a big fan of flea markets. Where I come from, they are pretty rare, since people usually do not like to buy second-hands things. They rather go to fancy shops. Second-hand is considered to be something negative and often connected to being poor. When I moved to the city, I was quite surprised to see how flea markets are so popular. And the social status has nothing to do with the research of something unusual and unique. The first surprise was in Rome, which has one of the biggest Flea markets of Italy, the famous “Porta Portese”. But in Berlin flea markets are even trendier. Even our book of the course advertisflohmarktes them as something to visit in Berlin. The reasons might be various: the Hipster movement, the economical crisis or just the fact that Germans are very creative in reinventing things and they do not like to throw things away. Berlin counts several Flea Markets, which are usually opened during the weekend and lots of visitors like to dedicate their leisure time in these vintage places. I believe that the most famous is the one at Mauer Park and maybe also the biggest one. At Mauer Park you do not find only old things, but also designers promoting their collections and stands with street food. It is a good combination of past, present and future.

But the one I visited on Sunday was different. It is not well advertized like the cool ones, but the Flea Market at Tiergarten is one of the oldest of the city. This Flea Market is the classic version of the typical Flea Market without any trendy supplements. Peddlers sell mostly vintage objects: from old watches, clothes, old books, old cameras to ancient beer glasses, which by the way I thought they were tea glasses!

Thus, when you are in the mood for a relaxing walk among vintage knick-knacks, you have found the perfect place! The prices are set according to the value of the goods and bargain-hunting can make good deals.

I am still not a big fun of Flea markets, maybe because I do not have a good eye and when I see too many things in a confused order I never know what to buy. However, I appreciate the idea of recycling things. And I will tell you why.

During summer I like to go for a ride in the countryside next to my village and very often I have been so upset to see every kind of good left over on the ground, just because people do not use it anymore. For this reason, I think that there should be a Flea Market a bit everywhere, since what is not valuable for one person anymore, could be very precious for another one.



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