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The end of A 1.2

Aurelia D
Berlin, am 06. February 2015


It is Thursday and finally/sadly we are at the end of our Level A1.2 course. Next Monday the Level 2 will start together with serious issues!

But now it is time to enjoy the last day all together.

We start with the last topic of the book: “Emotionen”, pretty funny! After learning how to express happiness, sadness and anger in German, it comes the test time. The test is a good tool to review what we have studied so far. Afterwards, finally the Breakfast all together! Of course, the social breakfast has been Marie´s idea. A few German friends told me that in Germany it is a common tradition to have breakfast all together the last day of school. I think that it is a nice tradition! Therefore, everybody had the task to bring something typical from their own country. All of us had the chance to discover breakfast traditions from other countries.

For instance, there was some typical food from Venezuela, croissants from Italy, vegan cake, cheesecake and the super delicious spinach muffins that Marie prepared.

In the end, Marie gave us a present: a preview of the topics we will study in A2, since she wanted us to be well prepared and ready for the new course.

Finally, I am glad to give a positive feedback to my first experience at DeutscheAkademie  and I am looking forward for the next level!



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