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Discovering Berlin

Aurelia D
Berlin, am 01. February 2015

Neue HeimatBerlin is a city full of surprises. Everywhere you go, you will make new discoveries, even when you already lived in the city for a while. And however, there are so many options available that sometimes you do not know which one to choose! New places are always exciting, because you can meet new people, do something that you have never done before or getting inspired from everything you see. Nevertheless, new places could be also disappointing. How many times it happens to go to a recommended place just to find out that it does not look as good as you expected. And for this reason, many times people like to go to already known and tested places, since going out with minus “random number” has to be at least worthy. Well, already seen it or not, I have a worthy place to suggest: the Neue Heimat. I was there on Sunday, but it is open also on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Every day has a specific theme. On Sunday it is usually street food. The food exhibition begins at 12pm and it goes on until the night, so it could be a cool place for having brunch, but also lunch, or dinner, or just for a beer. There are no specific rules there, only a bunch of stands with typical food from all over the world, very warm lights and always a lot of people. People sit everywhere, also on the stairs. They walk around, chat with their friends and taste worldwide food. The particular characteristic of this place located in Waschauer Straße in the “Clubs Zone” is that when you come inside you feel like entering into a different world. Now imagine: it is Sunday, minus “random number”, but also that small sun which forces you to go out, because who knows when you are gonna see it again! You leave your warm house and the greenhouse effect is already dramatic, take the Ubahn, walk over the Warschauerbrücke (the bridge). Finally you come in front of that big stand and you do not have any idea of what is going to happen inside. You just know that it is very cold and you are standing in the cue. Then finally in! The warm atmosphere of the Neue Heimat is already all around you. Then what will be next is up to you! I strongly recommend this place when you need to switch off. All the stress related to work, cold weather, routine will be forgotten while tasting a Sicilian arancino and a cold beer together with a nice friend!



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