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Our Deutschkurs on Friday: Shopping gehen

Aurelia D
Berlin, am 01. February 2015

It is funny to see how I put together two different words in the title: german course and shopping. It sounds weird to put those two different things together. People would usually put them in different labels and connect for example the language course with: “duty, serious, studying, effort, getting up early in the morning…”. While they would connect shopping with: “weekend, fun, new look, friends, chat, relax…”. But who said that the world is just black or white? For sure not our teacher. Marie is a special kind of creative German who always thinks outside of the box. When she told us that this week we were supposed to go to the course on Friday instead of Monday, almost everybody reacted not in such a good way. Breaking the expectation to get up late on Friday is dramatic! However, our teacher found a way to break the boredom of the Friday class. Since we are now studying everything related to “Kleidung”, clothes, she decided that the last half of the course we will go shopping! I do not know how she had this brilliant idea! Maybe because she knows that students would spend the last hour of the last day of the course sleeping or thinking about the plans for the weekend… Maybe! However she found the way to wake up us! Fortunately, we were almost all girls who are crazy for shopping, so it is easy to imagine our enthusiastic reaction when she told us what we were going to do!

Our project was about going to a second-hand big store with a very important and precise task: every team had to find clothes for one of the lucky volunteer model according to a season that we chose. My team chose spring and the other one autumn. I was so focused in the task that I looked like those crazy shopping assistant who have to help common people to find the perfect style for them, in one of those American reality shows

I had so much fun that at some point I was thinking that I want to do this as a profession! But I was not the only one. We all had lots of fun trying to find the right look for our model!

Then, the important part would come: the final presentation. For my team, I introduced the Russian model Paulina with a perfect Arbeit outfit for the spring season and the second team introduced the stylish Yael with an urban autumn style!

In the end, it was really amusing and at the same time we learned how to use indefinitarkitikel+adjectives+clothes. It is just a game, but I believe that it is a good approach to reinforce learning and team work. Plus, it is also a good chance to get to know the people at the course. Indeed, we are always so busy in our daily activities and it is difficult to find some time to have a chat or, more ambitious, to make friendships. So what is better than a shopping session?


Check here our stylish model for the Spring and Autumn collection!Shopping!



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