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Beginning of A2

Aurelia D
Berlin, am 09. February 2015

Monday, February 9th and the new course starts. New teacher, new people, new room! I started my day with opposing feelings. On one hand, I know I will miss our teacher Marie and the people who will not come anymore, but on the other hand I am excited to check what´s new. The group of people is bigger than the previous one, still made up by an international mix. After some embarrassing initial moments due to the new environment, a good climate established among us. Actually half of the people are still coming from the previous course, so there is still a friendly atmosphere.

Kristina is our new teacher and her teaching style is different from Marie´s one. She really cares about our understanding and I like her overall, since she is very patient and she explains twice when we do not understand something (which happens quite often). As first day, I cannot say too much yet, just that I feel like I am the opposite of our teacher. In fact, I am too impatient to learn and see my results as soon as possible. But I know that with German that is not possible. I have to learn how to be patient, to have discipline and see what happens only step by step.

So I will see…step by step!



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