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Reflection on our language course

Tuuli Kaeramaa
Berlin, am 04. October 2014

As my very last blog post, I’d like to reflect about some general things, which I took with me from the language course:

1) Be active! Speak, ask, try. In language learning, it’s thousand times better to speak wrong than to be quiet rightly. There is maximum 10 students in one group, so the time and space for questions is there – use your chance to ask for explanations; believe me, your co-students and teacher don’t mind. By being active, I also mean homework – rehearsing on your own at home, even if it’s only for 10-15 minutes a day, can make a miracle in the long run. It’s like doing mental sport. 🙂

2) Be open and tolerant! Without those two, it’s pretty difficult to work in an international group. Topics, on which are worked on, just require openness, not black and white stereotypes.

3) Take responsibility! As simple as that. I can say it from my own experiences and what I’ve seen in my previous language courses at the other schools here in Berlin. No teacher or school or book helps you you if you don’t help yourself. In Estonian (my mother tongue), we have a saying, that goes something like this: No-one else can put the wisdom to your head with a ladle. Applies also in this particular case.



I’ll start my next German course in DeutschAkademie on Monday. C1 sounds challenging, but there’s no time to be shy anymore! All the best in finding Your light in the end of German language tunnel 🙂





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