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Last day of our German course

Tuuli Kaeramaa
Berlin, am 03. October 2014

Hello everybody,

It was our last lesson at school yesterday. Even though we hadn’t finished our book yet (and it also didn’t seem like we can make it within the last lesson), we did not rush. I don’t remember how did we actually get there, but the lesson started with Simon telling us stories from his army times between South and North Korea. He is skilled storyteller: he can talk engaging and draw perfect scheme at the same time 😀

Simon telling stories

Simon telling stories

After that, we went on with tasks in book – we had a listening task, where we had to listen to German with Swiss accent. As I’ve noticed before – reading/hearing/seeing something in German once again, makes it much easier to understand, either it’s a book or movie. The same happened with that listening task in our lesson: everything sounded clear on the second time, even if there were only question marks above my head first time listening. Funny.
As follows: grammar exercises with während, dagegen, im Gegensatz dazu.

I baked 3 small cakes for my classmates for our last get-together. I’m glad they liked it.



And John brought a large bouquet of colorful flowers to Mona. She was really really happy!

Happy Mona

Happy Mona

As a conclusion, a farewell called “Warm shower”. We all drew our hand shapes on a blank paper, signed it with our name and sent the papers around the class. Everyone wrote something he/she wished to say to his/her classmates. Something special, something funny, some nice wishes.
This was the end of our B 2.2 German course.It feels, instead, that it just started…

PS. One more post coming from me 🙂
Bis dann!




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