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Time flies – first week is over!

Tuuli Kaeramaa
Berlin, am 12. September 2014

Hello again,

The first four lessons in our language class, as well as the first chapter in workbook, are over by now. We improved our vocabulary in relationships topic and also worked on grammar skills. We reminded comparative, generalized relative clauses, nouns with prepositions and learned to use indirect (reported) speech. The last one definitely needs more practice to use it correctly unconsciously. I like, that we are almost equally reading, listening and speaking in classroom, so the learning process doesn’t get tiresome. Writing exercises are usually homework and there is enough time in following lesson to ask questions, if something left unclear.

B2.2 @ Wittenbergplatz in September 2014

B2.2 @ Wittenbergplatz in September 2014

Mona giving us homework for weekend 🙂

The funny thing is, that humor is always present in our class. Since the last topic was quite personal issue and we all, in different ages, come from very different cultural societies; then the opinions and stories could have lasted forever. But there is happily no criticism, rather open sharing.

I also heard, that there are regular so-to-speak Stammtische for Deutschakademie students and movie night happening next week. Unfortunately they are both taking place not on a suitable evening or time for me, but I hope to get there somewhen in future. Stammtisch takes place every Wednesday evening in Mommseneck at Potsdamer Platz.

On coming weekend, I am planning to go to Plattenfest. The aim at the beginning was to see and listen to Revolverheld (one of my favorite German bands so far), but it is rather turning to meeting some new Berliners (and thereby also listening to music :). Thanks to this, I also have an entertaining topic for next blogpost. At least I myself am excited, plus I try to write it in German.

Auf Wiedersehen!




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