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10 years too late,but Berlin at last :)

Berlin, am 10. June 2014

Hallo! I’m Tal and I’m addicted to Germany for 10 years now 🙂 Mostly to Berlin, but I’ve been traveling around the country for the past ten years, feeling the atmosphere, the people, the mentality, and mainly – the freedom! You can feel and even smell the freedom as soon as you land at Tegel. It’s priceless…
Who am I you ask… I just moved to Berlin (finally), after I wanted to do so for a long time, but didn’t dare , and made up why I can’t… Originally I’m from Tel Aviv, Israel, but my soul and heart are in Germany. I have a BA in International Relations and MA in Security Studies and Terrorism. I came to Berlin in order to pursue a PhD in Political Science in one of Berlin’s Universities. For that, I need at least the C1 level of Deutsch in Deutschakademie. Now, you probably ask why do I need Deutsch with a PhD program when I can just write my dissertation in English… I know. But the way I see it- you can’t live in a country without knowing its language, and if I learn it already, why not to write my dissertation? challenges are the best way to live, right?

In this blog I’m gonna tell you about my life in Berlin, my Deutsch course, and everything that can make you smile with the sunshine and might be useful for you! Tschüss!!



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