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Turning your world upside down…

Berlin, am 01. April 2013

How many of us have tried to stand on our head or tried to give a 180 degree shift to our vision? Except the ones who are fond of gymnastics or power yoga, not many of us would have tried this. And the ones who have, I am sure it would have been really painful when you attempted it for the first time.

But the experience that I am about to share now had a typical combination of both of the above stated scenarios. It was my first experience of its kind and believe me there was no pain associated with it. In fact it was more than fun for me to have come across such a unique concept. The place I am talking about is Madame Claude in Berlin. Hope that most of you have already visited this place and for those of you who haven’t, here is an advice; check it out the next weekend. It’s located at Lubbener Strasse 19 and is a very interesting place to hang out with friends.

It is basically a club with a very unique setting within. One would find tables, chairs, paintings, seating and various artefacts arranged in order from the ceiling. Yes, you have read it correct!!! The setting of the room is such, that everything is arranged upside down. Now for those of you worried about what happens to the people, recollect the last sci-fi movie you had seen, something like a scene from the Mission Impossible series, whereby Tom Cruise would have all set of technological devices to make him walk on the ceiling. Yes, we must all wear special shoes to walk on the ceiling. Isn’t that amazing…

Well not really, as the last bit of it was a figment of my imagination. The furniture hanging from the ceiling is not for use but for show. Once inside, you would still stand on your feet, unless you are too drunk to do that, and behave as inside any other club you must have visited lately.

So what is special about this place??? The unique arrangement of the furniture provides a memorable ambiance for us to spend some quality time with friends over comparatively seeming economical drinks…Hence a must visit on my list for tourists in Berlin…Upside Down



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