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Hannover Messe

Berlin, am 10. April 2013

Hannover Messe

Germany is the hub of technology. I had heard of it all my life but eventually I got an experience to observe it. What would be a better opportunity than seeing all major players from all major sectors gather under one roof (not literally as there were 34 halls to visit) putting their best foot forward to showcase their master inventions in the field of technology. It was something like a display of power whereby each was peacefully trying to outdo the other.

Talking about the magnanimity of the fair, I haven’t personally seen anything bigger. 34 halls, each with an excess of 250 exhibitors, mostly all big names and brands!!! What else could one dream of at a place? At least I cannot want for more…

The fair was inaugurated by the chancellor of Germany Ms Angela Merkel and the partner country for the fair this year was Russia. Guided tours, career talks, project demos are some of the events happening at the place. The fair is held every year and lasts usually for 4 to 5 days. The whole experience was so mesmerising for me that I plan to write less and leave you guys with more pictures this time…Pic 1 (7)Pic 1 (6)Pic 1 (5)Pic 1 (4)Pic 1 (3)Pic 1 (2)Pic 1 (1)



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