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Clubbing on Tuesday Night

Berlin, am 04. April 2013

Some of my recent posts have been about outings and clubbing. Of course like most of us, I do like to party. But as most of us might think, Tuesday isn’t just quite the right day to go to a club. Moreover we all have to get up and go to work on Wednesday morning. Then why would one like to torture himself/herself with an unusual mid-week club outing. The outing that I am going referring to is a bit different from the customary ones that we usually have for fun.

As we all know practice makes a man perfect and this must have been evident to all during our language course as well. The more we talk, the more we learn. Probably that is the reason for people to search for Tandem partners. We all have come across such posts, even at our Deutsche Akademie notice board, whereby people volunteer for language Tandems. For those of you who do not know, this is a non-monetary (free of cost) concept whereby two individuals who want to learn different languages become teachers for each other and thereby mutually benefit each other. For instance if a native German looks for a Spanish Tandem, he expects his partner to teach him Spanish and in return he will teach him German. It is simple.

Coming back to my topic for the day, do you not think that it would be great if we are to mix some fun with learning?  Yes, that is the concept of the Tuesday night club meet at a place called the Polygot club. It’s a language club whereby people from various parts of the world meet and share their knowledge about languages. The meetings are held at various locations and the ones happening in Berlin have German as its prime focus. It is really fruitful for German learners as some native speakers choose to come and help the learners out. People exchange important tips, learning methodology, tricks and clues, language rules and many more in a relaxing environment over a drink or two. It is especially beneficial to outsiders as it allows them to build a local network of friends and acquaintances also along with some useful ones for their professions. By starting early in the evening (usual start 8:00 pm), this also gives people a chance to wrap up early and head home for a refreshing night’s sleep and an energetic day to follow.

The meetings I have been to, take place at Kant Café (Kant Str 135, Berlin) and have been quite good in a while. One peculiarity of such a concept is that, as the awareness amongst people increases, the success increases accordingly. So for all those who are interested, do find your way through to the next meet… In case you need more information, the Facebook page is of help…

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