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Something for the Taste Buds…

Berlin, am 27. March 2013

Unfolding a place without citing its delicacy isn’t the best of the ways to pronounce it. Hence this one is dedicated to all the foodies out there.

As already mentioned in my previous post, being a vegetarian does limit much of one’s options to savour on the varieties of cuisines that are on offer across the street. This is specifically true in Deutschland as various forms of meat essentially constitute the staple diet of the natives.

So what I am here to write about??? My disappointments about my inability (choice rather) to relish the delicious preparations made out of meat???Well certainly not!!! Instead I am here to write about something which all foodies would love to read about.

This post is dedicated (do these words not directly reflect my admiration) to a food item which is more readily available than traffic signals (certainly a hyperbole) in Berlin. Referred to commonly as the Döner Kebap, this is a unique concept found widely across Germany and some parts of Europe (that is what I have heard from some friends of mine who have travelled across).Traditionally this consists of a piece of bread flavoured with sauces and stuffed with vegetables and potatoes. For the non-vegetarians, the potatoes are replaced with chicken or some other form of meat. The taste buds are triggered by the sauces used to marinate the bread and the powdered spices used to garnish it, serve the purpose of icing on the cake.

Easy on the pocket, this is a great grab for those who want a filling and comparatively (home-made food is better) healthy meal (the quantity is sufficiently big for me to not call it a snack). Certainly, in my opinion, a wiser substitute to burgers and pizzas on those days when you want to give cooking a miss.

Out of all the places and varieties that I have tried out, I am personally a big fan of an outlet named Mustafa’s. Although it is a small joint outside the U-Bahn station of Mehringdamm, it usually puts one through a considerably long wait, all thanks to the maddening rush outside. If legends are to be believed, döners from this place are famous across the country (although I have not verified the factuality of the claim).Nevertheless, the grilled Brinjals teamed up with grated cheese and tofu always lay the ultimate punch on our taste buds for us to forget the toil. And talking about genuine popularity, no one should really care about stories when such delicious food is available for a meagre of 2.5 Euros. Surely a win-win situation!!!




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