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Schönes Wochenende

Berlin, am 25. March 2013

Schönes Wochenende…

A friend of mine, named Krish, shared a very interesting post online which read like this…

“Monday to Fridayà5 days; Friday to Mondayàonly 2 days; This is cheating!!!”

Those of you who second the thought above would know the importance of Weekends…Since the time I have been in Berlin; I have had quite a few interesting weekends: parties, outings, movies and much more. Mostly Krish would be the one to plan these out for us. Hence, on one Friday evening when I saw my phone buzzing, with the flash of Krish’s name, I was expecting another interesting plan, crispy hot from the oven, waiting to get served to its patrons.

But alas, to my surprise, he sounded grim and gloomy…Having inquired about the reason, he shared with me that since morning he had been puking (food poisoning, is what it seemed to us) continuously at intervals which had left him dehydrated.

Spontaneously, I reacted,” Man, let us see a doctor” to which he opened his heart out to me… The poor guy had been calling doctors up for appointments, but none could give him one before Monday because…IT WAS WEEKEND…Throughout the day he had asked a minimum of 20 doctors with absolutely no luck from anywhere. His frustration levels had shot up to an extent where at one place he politely replied to the receptionist” Madam, I may not live long enough to attend my appointment, Thank You”, when she had offered him one for the next Wednesday, at 3:30pm.

In an assuring tone I motivated him by saying “Man, don’t worry, tomorrow we will go to a hospital and there we will surely find some doctors.” Leaving him with a ray of hope and a promise to start early in the morning, I hung up the phone.

On Saturday, we started early but our luck did not… After getting rejected from 2 hospitals, we eventually called up a German friend of ours (don’t know why did we not do it earlier…truly said…Common sense is a rare sense).He guided us to the emergency ward (mind you, all the other wards are closed during the weekend) of SANA KLINKUM (Lichtenberg).

After having reached there, we were very happy with the facilities. The staff instantly admitted him and treated him very well. He was back on his feet within two days. On Monday, when the regular staff resumed their duties (post their Weekend), he was taken for a few tests like CT SCAN and Endoscopy post which he was discharged.

While accompanying him back home, I casually joked… “Had this weekend been longer??Just imagine…”Both of ours eyes lit up in imagination as we took the U-Bahn from Lichtenberg. Thankfully, for Krish, the weekend lasted only for 2 days…

Important Lessons Learnt:

1)      On weekends, whenever in need of urgent medication, reach out for the emergency ward of the nearest hospital.

2)     No situation is absolutely good or absolutely bad (referring to short weekends). It is how we perceive it to be…The Glass may be “half full or half empty”…




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