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Berlin, am 24. March 2013


As I began to think about this post, I had a lot in my mind to share…Architectural brilliance of Norman Foster, Historic importance of the main building, Cultural significance of its inscriptions etcetera, etcetera…All of them , extremely important and quotable topics …

So to give myself a direction, I wanted a picture to start with… In my quest to upload one, I discovered for myself, that many pictures of this historical artefact were already present in the blog repository… Implications were obvious…as I was not the first person to visit Reichtag, I am not the first one to write about it…So what new do I offer to my readers??

Hence, I am writing about something that I found remarkably interesting during my visit…Along with a few friends of mine, I had enrolled for a lecture in English. For those of you who do not know, there are official lectures/presentations that happen within the Reichtag, whereby there are facilitators who introduce the audience to the facts and importance of the buildings. Usually there are many of such sessions in German and but also a few in English, targeting the international audience.

As the facilitator for our session, greeted the guests with various nationalities, she, along with us, was more than astonished to see a group of 12 German youngsters having enrolled themselves for that session. They could have easily enrolled for one of the several sessions in German, but they were making a strong statement by attending the one in English.

Many of us, during our stay in Deutschland, might have bumped into Germans who cannot (or they wilfully do not) speak English. No complaints, “IN ROME DO AS ROMANS DO” Similarly, “Wir sollen im Deutschland, Deutsch sprechen” (As we are in Germany, we should speak German).Undoubtedly the native language is extremely important to gel well with the natives, but not all foreigners are blessed with an opportunity to learn it in quick time. Such kind of a potential barrier can adversely affect the economy of a nation as many industries like tourism and hospitality are directly dependent on such factors.

In the house of their parliament, how significant was it for those youngsters to stand by the international crowd, choosing to communicate in a language other their mother tongue, reflecting their open-mindedness and respect for cultural compassion across the globe. In the era of globalisation, when work makes people travel beyond boundaries, the major concern for any traveller is about his/her acceptance in the foreign land… With the youth showcasing such broadmindedness, the spirit of brotherhood across nations would only deepen which would surely contribute its bit towards world peace.

Rightfully this progressiveness of the German youth, as they truly live “DEM DEUTSCHEN VOLKE” (to the German people), was applauded by visitors from all over the world. Surely the youth around the world is taking its steps in the right direction…




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