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Knowing others is Wisdom

Berlin, am 31. March 2013

“Knowing others is wisdom and knowing yourself is Enlightenment”-Lao Tzu.

Deciding upon what is to share is a tough task, not because one doesn’t have things to share, but because one doesn’t know what the audience is looking for. Pondering upon the thought, I realized an important phenomenon about my writing. Since, the time I have been writing on this wonderful platform provided by Deutsch Akademie, I did not introduce myself to my audience. Not that my introduction is of utmost importance, but if you all know something about me, it would be easier to connect to my though processes.

Ok…Talking about myself, as I always want to be known for the work that I do, my descriptions mostly revolve around the same. To start off, I am a Computer Engineer from the land of snake charmers (at least this is what the Britishers called our country as).For those of you who don’t understand the phrase, please don’t bother yourself with it, its India. Since childhood, I was good in mathematics and to everyone it seemed that engineering would be a part of my aptitude. Not that it wasn’t  as I did fare decently well on both the academic and professional fronts, but hardly did this give much happiness or satisfaction to me. Since childhood I was much inclined towards various forms of art and expressions. Theater, singing and dancing were my favorite hobbies. Throughout my school days, never did I let go any opportunity to participate in any of such events. This inclination of mine also took me to a part time film school, during my college days, where I learnt acting and movie making.

Keeping this parallel desire alive within me was not an easy task, especially when I started to work in the industry as an IT professional. My mind always wanted me to continue with my heavily paying job but my heart used to weep at the monotonicity of the work. Every morning I used to stand by my mind but one fine day I decided to listen to my heart. It did not happen as suddenly as I just wrote, but instead life did give me an opportunity to live for my happiness. I got an offer from a production house to work as an assistant director for one of their latest movies that was to hit the floors and I grabbed it with both hands.

Having gained considerable experience in making a film, I had to learn the art of selling it. To conquer this art and to direct my career graph upwards, I chose to pursue an MBA degree from a renowned international institute. This is where HTW Berlin came into picture and brought me to the beautiful city of Berlin. The hospitality of the Germans and the quality of education, both have impressed me so greatly that my desire to have a longer stay in Berlin is tremendous. This is precisely why I have chosen to learn Deutsch (although my academic course, MBA, is completely in English) and which is why I am here at one of the best institutes for learning Deutsch, the Deutsch Akademie.

Finally something for you all to recognise me, I am putting a photo of mine along with a small request…please do not laugh if you do not like the pic…




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