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Knowing others is Wisdom

Berlin, am 31. March 2013

“Knowing others is wisdom and knowing yourself is Enlightenment”-Lao Tzu.

Deciding upon what is to share is a tough task, not because one doesn’t have things to share, but because one doesn’t know what the audience is looking for. Pondering upon the thought, I realized an important phenomenon about my writing. Since, the time I have been writing on this wonderful platform provided by Deutsch Akademie, I did not introduce myself to my audience. Not that my introduction is of utmost importance, but if you all know something about me, it would be easier to connect to my though processes.

Ok…Talking about myself, as I always want to be known for the work that I do, my descriptions mostly revolve around the same. To start off, I am a Computer Engineer from the land of snake charmers (at least this is what the Britishers called our country as).For those of you who don’t understand the phrase, please don’t bother yourself with it, its India. Since childhood, I was good in mathematics and to everyone it seemed that engineering would be a part of my aptitude. Not that it wasn’t  as I did fare decently well on both the academic and professional fronts, but hardly did this give much happiness or satisfaction to me. Since childhood I was much inclined towards various forms of art and expressions. Theater, singing and dancing were my favorite hobbies. Throughout my school days, never did I let go any opportunity to participate in any of such events. This inclination of mine also took me to a part time film school, during my college days, where I learnt acting and movie making.

Keeping this parallel desire alive within me was not an easy task, especially when I started to work in the industry as an IT professional. My mind always wanted me to continue with my heavily paying job but my heart used to weep at the monotonicity of the work. Every morning I used to stand by my mind but one fine day I decided to listen to my heart. It did not happen as suddenly as I just wrote, but instead life did give me an opportunity to live for my happiness. I got an offer from a production house to work as an assistant director for one of their latest movies that was to hit the floors and I grabbed it with both hands.

Having gained considerable experience in making a film, I had to learn the art of selling it. To conquer this art and to direct my career graph upwards, I chose to pursue an MBA degree from a renowned international institute. This is where HTW Berlin came into picture and brought me to the beautiful city of Berlin. The hospitality of the Germans and the quality of education, both have impressed me so greatly that my desire to have a longer stay in Berlin is tremendous. This is precisely why I have chosen to learn Deutsch (although my academic course, MBA, is completely in English) and which is why I am here at one of the best institutes for learning Deutsch, the Deutsch Akademie.

Finally something for you all to recognise me, I am putting a photo of mine along with a small request…please do not laugh if you do not like the pic…



Silvester in Berlin

Berlin, am 29. March 2013

Silvester in Berlin


Silvester in Berlin

For those of you who do not know what the above phrase means, a small read here and you will be sorted. This is not referring to Silvester Stallone’s visit to Berlin; instead it refers to a vacation which coincides with the New Year’s celebration. Traditionally Silvester is the day of the Feast of Pope Sylvester I, a saint who served as Pope in the Roman Catholic Church. The feast day is held on the anniversary of his death, the 31st of December, a date that coincides with the New Year’s Eve, in accordance to the Gregorian calendar. Because of this coincidence, several countries, primarily in Europe, use a variant of Sylvester’s name as the preferred name for the holiday; these countries include Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and Slovenia(please note , the list may not be complete).

Talking about the celebrations, undoubtedly the most awaited festivity of the year needs great celebrating; the city of Berlin is magnificent in throwing an ostentatious bash to not only its guests but also the natives. Beautifully lit streets crowded with enthusiasts, long lasting parties at clubs, various events being organised across the city…It seems as though the city does not sleep during the Silvester week.

On the much awaited night, there is a start studded program at the heart of the city, the Brandenburger Tor. Celebrities and eminent personalities make their way through the crowd as their respective limozeenes drop them off to red carpet entrance of Hotel Adlon. The venue is surrounded by hundreds of people who sing, dance and light fireworks as they eagerly wait for the clock to tick 12:00.

As the final countdown for the New Year begins, the venue erupts. With the strike of midnight, a flurry of fireworks surround the Brandenburger Tor and everyone is seen hugging and kissing each other, wishing all a very Happy and Successful new year. The celebrations continue for a few hours as international music is played for the people to move their feet around. All in all, truly a memorable and enriching experience.




Important Event in Berlin

Berlin, am 28. March 2013

Important Event in Berlin…

Hey friends, today as I sit down to pen my thoughts for the blog, I wanted to write about something that will be very informative and useful for everyone here. As I was reflecting on events to share, an interesting fact came to my mind that my professor at the university had shared with us today. It was “Connecticum 2013”.

I am pretty sure that most of us know what this is all about… but there would be some who are hearing about this for the first time. Now if you happen to fall in the second category, then you are reading the right page because here I am going to share some crucial information I have about the event “Connecticum 2013”.

We all are here in Deutschland, learning Deutsche at the Deutsch Akademie. I believe one of our major reasons to come here and study the local language is our respective careers. Some people will begin and take the first step in their careers while others will move up and climb the next ladder to success. But in order to do all this, one thing which we all need in common is the right profile or the right job to place ourselves. Now this is what exactly the event “Connecticum 2013” does.

The Connecticum is one of the biggest job fairs for students and alumni, held once in a year in Berlin. This year it is to be held from the 23rd to 25th April 2013. There are more than 350 renowned employers who give presentations and offer exciting job opportunities to students, graduates and professionals. People all over Europe and Asia come over to Berlin to visit this job fair on previous recommendations from their colleagues and friends. Main focus of this event is caters to the needs of the engineering, computer science and economics streams.

So all those who are currently looking for a job or want an exciting opportunity to switch, this event might serve you as a great tool to inform yourself about the prospects that are currently on offer in the market. Hence, for those of you interested, please do your research on the official website of the event. You can reach there by searching about it on Google.

Hope this information will be of use to all the readers…


Cesar Ctravel
Berlin, am 27. March 2013

AbKürzungen verstehen

Guten Aben !
Today in Deutch class we were learning about the AbKürzungen ( Abbreviations) on the Zeitung ( Newspaper).
When you try to fin accomodation in Berlin or wherever in Deutchland, if you check the newspaper adverstisements you will fin a lot of AbKürzungen ( Abbreviations).
here we try to hep you to understand the most important abbreviations you wil have to deal with, when looking for accomotion:

AbKürzungen erklären:

Here there are  the most commun abbreviations:
m2 = Quadratmeter
ruh. = ruhing
Kü oder K = Küche
Gart = Garten
ca. = circa
kl. = klein
Whg. = Wohnung
B. Bad
Balk. Balkon
Zentr. Zentral
Zi oder Z . Zimmer

Die Miete. The expenses:

 Die Miete:
+ NK/ HZ
+ NK: Nebenkosten: Wasser. Treppen, Müllabfuhr
+ HZ: Heinzung
+ Strom: Elektrizitët
+ kT: Kation
+ Prov. Inmob. = Provision for real state agency.
And that´s all folks.  Good luck if you are looking for accomodation!
Prost! 🙂

Unsere 3 Blogger erzählen uns über ihren Deutschkurs und ihr Leben in Berlin

Berlin, am


Enrique aus Spanien, Cesar aus Spanien und Parthasarathi aus Indien sind unsere aktuellen Blogger und berichten uns über ihre Erfahrungen im Deutschkurs und ihre Erlebnisse in Berlin. Cesar schreibt teilweise auf englisch, teilweise auf spanisch, Enrique schreibt auf spanisch und Parthasarathi berichtet uns auf englisch. Falls ihr über sie lesen möchtet, klickt einfach auf die folgenden Links, um direkt zu ihren Blogs zu kommen:

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Die DeutschAkademie Sprachschule Berlin wünscht euch ein paar entspannende Ostertage und viel Spaß beim Lesen der Eindrücke und Aktivitäten in Berlin mit dem Deutsch Intensivkurs unserer beiden Blogger Cesar und Parthasarathi :)!


Something for the Taste Buds…

Berlin, am

Unfolding a place without citing its delicacy isn’t the best of the ways to pronounce it. Hence this one is dedicated to all the foodies out there.

As already mentioned in my previous post, being a vegetarian does limit much of one’s options to savour on the varieties of cuisines that are on offer across the street. This is specifically true in Deutschland as various forms of meat essentially constitute the staple diet of the natives.

So what I am here to write about??? My disappointments about my inability (choice rather) to relish the delicious preparations made out of meat???Well certainly not!!! Instead I am here to write about something which all foodies would love to read about.

This post is dedicated (do these words not directly reflect my admiration) to a food item which is more readily available than traffic signals (certainly a hyperbole) in Berlin. Referred to commonly as the Döner Kebap, this is a unique concept found widely across Germany and some parts of Europe (that is what I have heard from some friends of mine who have travelled across).Traditionally this consists of a piece of bread flavoured with sauces and stuffed with vegetables and potatoes. For the non-vegetarians, the potatoes are replaced with chicken or some other form of meat. The taste buds are triggered by the sauces used to marinate the bread and the powdered spices used to garnish it, serve the purpose of icing on the cake.

Easy on the pocket, this is a great grab for those who want a filling and comparatively (home-made food is better) healthy meal (the quantity is sufficiently big for me to not call it a snack). Certainly, in my opinion, a wiser substitute to burgers and pizzas on those days when you want to give cooking a miss.

Out of all the places and varieties that I have tried out, I am personally a big fan of an outlet named Mustafa’s. Although it is a small joint outside the U-Bahn station of Mehringdamm, it usually puts one through a considerably long wait, all thanks to the maddening rush outside. If legends are to be believed, döners from this place are famous across the country (although I have not verified the factuality of the claim).Nevertheless, the grilled Brinjals teamed up with grated cheese and tofu always lay the ultimate punch on our taste buds for us to forget the toil. And talking about genuine popularity, no one should really care about stories when such delicious food is available for a meagre of 2.5 Euros. Surely a win-win situation!!!



Languages are Dresses for our Thoughts…

Berlin, am 26. March 2013

“How charmed I am when I overhear a German word which I understand!” said W.D Howells. I agree…Now you would think what made me say this?

The answer lies in a series of unprecedented events that occurred on the very first day I landed in Berlin. Deutchland had its unique way of welcoming me…When I first landed in Germany on the 8th of October 2012, my luggage got misplaced during my connecting flight from Brussels and hence I had to lodge a complaint at the Berlin airport. The lady at the airport could not speak or comprehend English and my German was certainly not worth praise. Actions speak louder than words (thanks to the person who devised Sign Language); I was successful in registering my complaint. Moving ahead out of the airport, thanks to my stars, the Turkish Taxi driver I landed up with could speak little English.

Having reached my destination on time I was still unable to get access to my apartment, all thanks to a classmate of mine who had gone for a stroll with my set of room keys. I did seek for help around but sadly people could not understand me. For first time in my life I realized that communicating without a common medium (of course the language) can be devastating.

After the tiring journey and even more tiring communication exercises, I relaxed for a while at my friend’s place. Thankfully my keys arrived soon to allow me to move into my apartment. Afterwards I set myself outside in search of something to eat as I was in desperate need of refueling. I found a general store named Lidl, at 5minute’s walk from my apartment. I stepped inside this mammoth outlet, totally clueless of the disasters waiting for me inside. As I turned my eyes around, I could see delicious food beautifully stacked on the racks inviting me to purchase them…but in German (Deutsche). Being a vegetarian, it was very difficult for me to differentiate between what lied in my domain of interest and what did not. After considerable efforts I finally ended up buying a salad dressing containing meat (Alas, I did not know the word for meat in Deutsche then…).

When I billed all the items that I had bought, the very sweet lady at the counter mumbled something which I did not understand post which she politely showed me the display,8.79 Euros…

Later, at night I got a call from a man who was speaking in German and yet again I failed to comprehend. As I asked him to speak in English which was very difficult for him…Still he tried and all that I could understand was “luggage…down…apartment…5minutes”. I happily collected my luggage and quietly chose to go to bed, in order to avoid further adventures.

After such a thrilling experience on my 1st day in Berlin, it was very well understood by me that to stay in Germany one thing that I cannot do without, is Deutsche. And here I am today, having completed A1 am currently in pursuit of A2.



Schönes Wochenende

Berlin, am 25. March 2013

Schönes Wochenende…

A friend of mine, named Krish, shared a very interesting post online which read like this…

“Monday to Fridayà5 days; Friday to Mondayàonly 2 days; This is cheating!!!”

Those of you who second the thought above would know the importance of Weekends…Since the time I have been in Berlin; I have had quite a few interesting weekends: parties, outings, movies and much more. Mostly Krish would be the one to plan these out for us. Hence, on one Friday evening when I saw my phone buzzing, with the flash of Krish’s name, I was expecting another interesting plan, crispy hot from the oven, waiting to get served to its patrons.

But alas, to my surprise, he sounded grim and gloomy…Having inquired about the reason, he shared with me that since morning he had been puking (food poisoning, is what it seemed to us) continuously at intervals which had left him dehydrated.

Spontaneously, I reacted,” Man, let us see a doctor” to which he opened his heart out to me… The poor guy had been calling doctors up for appointments, but none could give him one before Monday because…IT WAS WEEKEND…Throughout the day he had asked a minimum of 20 doctors with absolutely no luck from anywhere. His frustration levels had shot up to an extent where at one place he politely replied to the receptionist” Madam, I may not live long enough to attend my appointment, Thank You”, when she had offered him one for the next Wednesday, at 3:30pm.

In an assuring tone I motivated him by saying “Man, don’t worry, tomorrow we will go to a hospital and there we will surely find some doctors.” Leaving him with a ray of hope and a promise to start early in the morning, I hung up the phone.

On Saturday, we started early but our luck did not… After getting rejected from 2 hospitals, we eventually called up a German friend of ours (don’t know why did we not do it earlier…truly said…Common sense is a rare sense).He guided us to the emergency ward (mind you, all the other wards are closed during the weekend) of SANA KLINKUM (Lichtenberg).

After having reached there, we were very happy with the facilities. The staff instantly admitted him and treated him very well. He was back on his feet within two days. On Monday, when the regular staff resumed their duties (post their Weekend), he was taken for a few tests like CT SCAN and Endoscopy post which he was discharged.

While accompanying him back home, I casually joked… “Had this weekend been longer??Just imagine…”Both of ours eyes lit up in imagination as we took the U-Bahn from Lichtenberg. Thankfully, for Krish, the weekend lasted only for 2 days…

Important Lessons Learnt:

1)      On weekends, whenever in need of urgent medication, reach out for the emergency ward of the nearest hospital.

2)     No situation is absolutely good or absolutely bad (referring to short weekends). It is how we perceive it to be…The Glass may be “half full or half empty”…



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