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Berlin, am 07. January 2013

I‘m Agata and I work in Berlin as an architect. Moving here from Poland was the easiest decision in my life. City is awesome, I had already some friends living in Berlin and job actually knocked to my door. Couldn’t be better right? But this one, tine thing was destroying my perfect mood from the very beginng. Language. I have never lernt it before and to be honest- never really willing to. But c’mon, being surrounded by Germans and not even try? Unfortunatelly I spent last half of year pretending to doing anything in this direction and this has to stop.

So here I am: 7 months after moving to Berlin, 2 days before my first day of an Intensive Course at DeutschAkademie.
Working full time and going to german course for 3 hours 4 times a week? It’s gonna be fun.




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