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All you need is sport

Berlin, am 10. January 2013

I’m after the third class and my mood is surprisingly good. I didn’t expect these lessons to be so much fun. Frankly speaking, I was afraid that after 8 hours of work learning german during the next 3 hours will be a way through hell. But it’s not so bad. Today I decided to make my daily rutine more hardcore and I went to the gym right after german class. Yes, it was really late, almost half past nine, and no, I do not take drugs. I was lucky to find a gym on the way from DeutschAkademie building to my home.  It’s not the prettiest one but I found there everything I need. It’s cheap (19e per month), open 24h and clean enough. However, I do not recommend it to people who don’t  have experience yet – instructors don’t seem to care too much about the way you exercise or your technique. As they say: you cannot have everything.



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