Sunday: time to try some new food!

Sunny Sunday today! What a great combination! For those who still think that winter in Berlin is dark and depressing, today is the proof that the Berlin winter can offer a lot of surprises. And since the sun here is considered to be something special, of course it is time to break the Sunday laziness and visit the city! There are so many places to see, parks where to walk and activities to do. I know the feeling of going around the whole day enjoying the sun until it is up. But afterwards the laziness comes back and most likely the thought of going home and cooking is not so appealing after such a nice day, or maybe the fridge is empty. Well Berlin is the best city ever to solve all your issues. I think it is one of cities with the greatest variety of international food in Europe. When you would like to try something new, you are in the right place. In Berlin it is possible to go to South-Asia and taste the flavor of Nepalese food, or going to the Caribbean Sea and taste some jerk chicken, or going to the Australian restaurant to try some strange animals, or still going to Africa to try some soul food!

Once I was in the mood for “brand new kind of food” and it happened to find an Ethiopian restaurant in Schöneberg, where I went with my boyfriend. I strongly suggest this place when you are inEthiopian restaurant this “curiosity-for-new-food mood”. First of all, the look of the food will be different from what you have seen before (if you have never been in Africa or in an African restaurant). Plus, it is worthy to try since you will have the experience of eating with your hands. It is kind of weird at the beginning and you can challenge your partner or your friends on how long they will go on without asking for some cutlery! But in the end it is very funny. The most popular dish is a big “kind of pancake” with different kind of soups on it. But you need to share it at least with another person. By eating with your hands together with you partner, you can experience the flavor of African culture. Here, the food has a strong social meaning and the meals are considered to be special opportunities for interaction and sharing.

If you are a coffee lover, you cannot miss the coffee ceremony which starts every evening at 8pm. A group of ladies will prepare the coffee starting from roasting the beans and finally boiling the coffee in a coffee pot called “jebena”. By the way, the restaurant is called “Bejte Ethiopia” and I wish you to enjoy this hand experiment!