Why did I move to Berlin?

Me and a piece of die Berliner Mauer

This is a question that I have been asking myself for the last 2 months. I moved to Berlin that special 9th of May a year ago. What was in mind before leaving Italy is not clear yet. I came here without having any plans, any accommodation, any job and most important, without any knowledge of German. There must have been something very chaotic in my mind pushing me towards this instinctive decision. Yes, it was nothing logical, let´s say something anti-german! In that naive perception of discovering something new, adventurous and beautiful, I had so many expectations and a big desire to discover a new culture. Lately, I got to know that there is a german word for that: “das Fernweh”, a concept that cannot be translated in other languages. I was so amused that Germans have a word for describing this feeling. That is brilliant!
However, life in Berlin turned into a great mix of adventures and misadventures. Soon, I had to face the first big wall (bigger that the east-side gallery) that the city put in front of me: the language! Most of the people would say now: “Didn´t you know it before?” The point is that in that chaotic, naive, full-of-expectations intuition which brought me here there was also the firm belief that every obstacle could have been overcome. The exciting view of the international Berlin where everybody could speak English was soon broken by the reality. The reality is that if you want to go through the complicated bureaucracy (and you have to), the never-ending research of a WG (shared flat), along with any job opportunities, you better know at least a bit of German. For sure, your life will be easier according to the amount of German or Germans that you already know. Then you will also need a big amount of hard and non-soft skills: strong attitude, patience, coping strategies and in the end “sense of humor”, especially when people will laugh about your pronunciation or they will not understand you at all (in this case just smile!)
After living for few months here, I have done so many experiences! At the beginning, I started a german course at the Volkshochschule to get the first level A1.1; I have worked as a waitress during the summer period; then in September I got a job as a recruiter for a startup for 3 months! So what happens now?

I am Aurelia, 26 y.old, I came here from Italy after graduating and after one long year of internship in Rome. The reason is not important anymore. The best is yet to come. And mostly because I finally decided to fully integrate myself in this surprising city, that is sometimes hard to handle, but at the same time it gives you so many opportunities that you could not have elsewhere! So now it is time to learn German and see what this will bring in the future!
I am looking forward to starting this new adventure at DeutschAkademie with the same exciting feeling that I had that special 9th of May and that I will have every time I will approach a new life experience!