Our Deutschkurs

It is the 20th of January and the second week of our Deutschkurs at DeutschAkademie begins. Ten people meeting together every day from Monday to Thursday with the same goal: getting to Level A 1.2. Our coach is the lovely teacher Marie, who is a very kind and creative girl. She tries to guide us through the mysteries of German. For instance, the characteristic of the German language to put words together: an Italian sentence can just be summarized into a German word. This word has the great responsibility to express at once a complicated meaning. For this reason the poor word cannot be simple. It is not possible, so it will be just very long and scary for us, the poor people who are still at the A1.2 Level. However, with our lovely teacher we are able to learn German and have fun at the same time. The method is quite practical and beyond exercises, conversations and team games, includes also songs that we sing to better memorize prepositions or concepts without any logic or rule and also funny activities!

For instance, yesterday we had the excursion´s task! The second chapter of our book is about touristic attractions, the well known “Sehenwurdigkeiten”! In the middle of our class, which is usually “die Pause” time, our teacher Marie surprised us with an interesting activity: becoming tourists and going to see any monument that we like, in order to write some information about it. Additionally, every team had the hard task to question very busy and active Berliners on how to get to that monument. My team got a very fast reply, but other teams were luckier. Finally, we needed a proof that we have been there, so what is better than a selfie? That is what our teacher Marie decided for us! Even though we were a bit annoyed by the strong cold, our “Project” ended with laughter, jokes and of course lots of fun!

Our selfie at Check Point Charlie was not the best picture of us, but instead of trying to have the perfect selfie after several shooting, we have Check Point Charliedecided to keep the flowed one which catches perfectly that amusing instant.