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Hope in the Humanity: The Reunification Day

Berlin, am 03. Νοεμβρίου 2016

This week another interesting thing is happening in downtown Berlin. It is the Reunification Day between The East and the West Berlin or the local would call it ‘Tag der Deutschen Einheit’. Every time I am reminded of this day it gives me hope. Hope for the better day in the future- A hope of getting Unity back into Human, a hope for the Humanity. But on this very day when the road of  Straße Des 17 Juni is being blocked to celebrate this very event, I had being brought into the insights of the reunification’s politics. Although in a larger perspective this event is celebrated by having funfairs, food booths, music performances and many more family activities that tie people together harmoniously, but the microcosmic of its nature is still unsettling. There are a lot of boundaries that are still set in front of us. How do we look beyond these boundaries? Can we really practice unity or is this idea is just beyond our capability as human?02



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