Language School Berlin

Alexanderstr. 9
D-10178 Berlin

Tel : +49 30 26947920

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 7pm (CET)
Friday: 10am – 3pm (CET)

About myself!

Berlin, am 01. Μαΐου 2020

Hi, I am Fabio and I am from Brazil, I moved to Berlin six months ago, I have been living abroad for the last 9 years. One year ago I decided to move to Germany, because of it’s economy and forward thinking style, also because Berlin is such a cosmopolitan city that makes foreigners always feel welcomed, I had visited the city couple of times and chose to make a fresh start here, best choice ever. 😊

Before moving I have done extensive research about German Language School and quickly came across DeutschAkademie as the best option, the most important things for me were price, customer satisfaction and location. I have alternated between Intensive and Semi-Intensive Courses, with a lot of spare time I managed well the Intensive Course, but when I started working a Semi-Intensive was a more suitable option, the transition between them was  always easy because the modules are short and the school offers many options of timings.

For the past two months I have been doing A2.2 level Semi-Intensive online, in the next posts I would like to share with you guys my first experience with my online German course, also some tips to best succeed with learning German language.



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