Dania, 09 November 2020

Months ago, when I first thought about learning German, I had no idea I could do it online. Before I found Deutsch Akademie, I thought that learning online meant learning on my own and not in a class. But this school gave me another perspective on how to learn a language in a way that works for many of us: in virtual live classes, with a native German teacher and a group of international students, each of them taking the class from the comfort of their places.

That is exactly what I needed: to be able to learn a language in a school that suits my lifestyle, that doesn´t require me to move to another place for every class, that offers a great variety of schedules with different course times, and that includes support and tutoring outside of the class for questions, practice and help with homework.

Last month, I took the A1.1 intensive course. It is the first course to start the German language journey and I loved it! It´s fascinating lo learn German in this way and to have the freedom to take the class at home or on the road. I enjoy a lot to take homework outside and practice by experiencing! Here I am, learning about the seasons in German, ‘die Jahreszeiten’, in the middle of autumn in the beautiful German Alps.

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