Shopping time

13_Bikini_Berlin_01Until today I have been recommending you activities and places to visit related to culture or exercising, so maybe it is time to talk about more trivial stuff: shopping time!

When it comes to decide where to go shopping, although every neighbourhood has its own shopping malls and big stores, there are two main commercial centres: Alexanderplatz and Kurfürstendamm straße. DeutschAkademie has two locations, each of them right next to these areas.

Alexanderplatz is more about huge department stores and shopping malls, all of them gathered around the main square, that’s why it’s so convenient. You don’t have to walk far to find everything you need.

On the other hand, Kurfürstendamm straße has a wider variety of shops, but most of them are located in ground floors, facing the street. The disadvantage is that you have to walk more and when the weather is not nice probably is not comfortable to be carrying many bags.

But what I really like about this area next to Zoologischer Garten is the shopping Centre Bikini Berlin. It was refurbished recently, and the inner wall was replaced by a huge glass window that allows you to see the zoo (the monkey’s area) from the main hall. Moreover, the stores that you can find have been delicately chosen to meet the standards of good design, innovation and amazing visuals. The whole place runs under this desire of being innovative, magic and to offer an extraordinary shopping experience. They even have a garden on top, from where you can also see a panorama of the zoo and find more shops.

13_Bikini_Berlin_02 13_Bikini_Berlin_03

On the whole, I think they accomplished their goal to offer a different and out of the ordinary experience. Even if it’s just to see the place and have a coffee, I would 100% recommend you to visit it before you leave Berlin!