Dania, 23rd February 2021

There is a wide range of teaching methods and learning styles that relate to various ways of understanding and learning new information. We have ways in which we prefer to learn, and we all use various skills and techniques. That applies as well to learning a language, in this case, German. 

It’s a great job of teachers to run a multicultural German language class with people from all over the world smoothly and find a balance that suits all. In online formats, teachers do their best at addressing in their lessons all senses while articulating a variety of skills that include reading, writing, listening, and speaking. 

It is important to say as well that some teachers will meet our needs more than others. It is life. At the beginning of the A2.1 course, I felt that what I was looking for in a class and my need for more oral practice was not being met. I communicated this to the school, and after checking my options, they offered me to change to another group. I agreed, and it couldn’t have been better! I changed to a class that suited me very well, and I improved my German skills much faster. 

I thank the staff of DeutschAkademieBerlin for their care. They are always willing to listen and find a solution according to our needs. We are not alone because the team is there with us! 

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