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My enthusiasm about Berlin (by Ece P.)

Berlin, am 19. února 2014

My enthusiasm about Berlin is built open observation. The relaxed, but strong current of visual elements of Berlin needs a big hungry memory storage to suck everything in.

A big, hungry memory storage for observation. If I were to look for the equal of this storage in real terms, in real life, I would definitely go for the Planetarium – which is actually one of my favorite places in Berlin. To be more accurate: This huge globe is Zeiss Grossplanetatium… Yes, Zeiss, as Carl Zeiss lenses. It takes – probably- its name through its massive projector produced by Zeiss. The strange thing is, the dome of the Planetatarium does not divide up to show you the stars as you might have suspected, on the contrary it uses the inner surface of the dome as a projection space while you are loaded with information through the visuals projected to the ceiling and the voice in the head phones. Indeed an interesting place to see in Berlin.




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