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Endless Opportunity – That is what Berlin is all About

Berlin, am 01. listopadu 2016

Hello, I am Putri from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I just moved here last week to the infamous city of Berlin and I surely like it very much. I am married to a German, and we stayed in Malaysia for a couple of years before decided to move to his home country. Although he comes from Frankfurt, he has fallen in love with Berlin, and I have to say, I am beginning to falling in love with the city too! Back in Kuala Lumpur I was a lecturer from a Film Department, but now that I followed my husband here, the job options are endless. And that is what I love about this city-the fact that it could offer me with many options. It is not just about the job opportunity that are endless, in fact just about everything this city has to offer-the way the city is built, the road system, the architecture that surrounds the city… it is in its ‚everything in its city‘ that envelops the whole concept of ‚endless‘. For example, as I was walking home today from Alexanderplatz, which is at this point one of the main locations that I am familiar with due to the fact that that is where  the Deutsch Akademie is, I noticed that again, that I was taking yet a different route. There are various roads and alleys that I could take to come back home from Alexanderplatz. And everytime I walk, I could enjoy different sights, smell different air and see many different people and things. Endless! Cheers to more fun memories!




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