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Fiesta time

Berlin, am 05. srpna 2016

Last day of B1.1 course was celebrated with food, laughter and great chats. Each one of us brought sweets & treats so we could all have a party and a great time together. It was fun to spend this 4 weeks with these unique people who became my good friends. Some of them will continue with the German course and some of them will not because they are starting a job or school. But no matter what is next in our journey we will try to keep in touch and maintain the contact. Friendships are so precious and valuable gift that we all need to invest in them in order to not lose them.


Today we had the opportunity to say our BIG thank you to our lovely teacher Madeleine and thank her for the amazing job she did during all these days. She was putting an enormous effort to make our German class interesting, funny, easy and really useful. Every day she made new exercises and interesting games which carried lots of handy German words and helpful phrases. Her talent to explain very difficult grammar through examples and detailed explanations was the best way to learn this challenging syntax. I loved it when she was writing on the board because she was using lots of different colours to highlight the new grammatical rules and vocabulary of the lesson. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. So thankful to have the chance to be her student. Thank you dear Madi for you passion and dedication.


The last thing that I could add is the next. One class + one teacher = One family. It’s been really fun to be part of DeutschAkademie family.


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