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Berlin, am 02. September 2017

Hello 🙂

There are lectures three hours a day, four days a week for my course.

After every lecture, our teacher gives us homework.

And beginning of class, we check them together.

I think this is very effective to learn German.

Because I can check what we are done today, think and answer to homework by myself and can make sure in the next class.

Sometimes I am very lazy to do homework but I do as far as I can.

It is also possible to check answers online!

So we can check some missing part anytime and also possible to do after finishing course.

This is it 🙂


Einer der Tipps

Berlin, am 01. September 2017

Hello 🙂

Recently I am confused that which form of verb is correct for this or what is that pronunciation …

I even feel like other class mates understand than me.

Maybe better study German more by myself.

I am used to use “Sie” which is formal way of you but I can’t handle informal way yet.

When I get new word or form, my brain gets freak out XD

I think to study in class is important but also do by myself is.

To try reading around me such some advertisement, poster or some must help improving.

And I started focusing on what people are saying in supermarket, gym, shopping mall.


Deutsche Qualität :)

Berlin, am 31. August 2017

Hello 🙂

In my opinion, German product is very good.

I read some article, watched documentary about how German works.

I respect productive thinking and their skill.

I know some German products but I didn’t know “NIVEA” is the one of them.

I put “NIVEA” body cream every time after shower.

I have been used it since I found it in pharmacy store in my country.

It’s about for 10 years!

It was very reasonable but it is much reasonable here than my country obviously!

I am happy to keep using “NIVEA”.

Next time, I am going to buy some as souvenir for my family and friends 🙂

This shop is so cute.. !


Es ist sonnig heute :)

Berlin, am 30. August 2017



The highest is 30 degrees.

It is a beautiful day today!

One of my favorite point of Deutsch Akademie is location.

I think it is very convenient for me.

And rooms are cleaned, there are many candies we can get.

It is totally cool.

Also, my teacher is very nice to teach.

He is very sweet ,sometimes makes fun , and flexible.

So we can enjoy leaning German!

He says “Don’t worry” very often.

I think that makes us relax and comfortable because we don’t have to feel like being in rush or pressure.

I would like to keep studying German with fun!


Lecker Eis :)

Berlin, am 29. August 2017

When I came to Berlin, everything impressed me.

I felt everything was different compared to my country like building, food, people and so on.


I had some my stereotype about German but when I needed some help like to buy train ticket for the first time, some people helped me kindly and friendly.

I have many experiences like that.

That’s great 🙂


And the other great thing is …

To buy groceries in supermarket is much cheaper than Japan especially cheese, wine, fruits and HARIBO!

I love HARIBO!

And ice cream as well 🙂


There are long line in ice cream shop in hot sunny day.

It is so sweet and nice to have it outside.



Ich mag Deutsch lernen :)

Berlin, am

Hello 🙂

It was nice weather today.

I really like here Gemmany in summer.


I was always thinking about taking German course but I was lazy.

I have holidays for two weeks and I don’t have any big events in August.

So I decided to learn German in school.


Deutsch Akademie intensive course is open 4 days a week , 3 hours a day.

It sounded nice for me. Not so many days but not so few…

And my gym is located next to the school building.

That’s why I chose Deutsch Akademie in Alexanderplatz.


It is not so easy language for me but it is worthwhile to try studying German.


Gute Nacht ☆




Schön euch wieder hier zu treffen!

Berlin, am 09. August 2017

Hallo zusammen!

Ich freue mich, noch einmal die Möglichkeit zu haben, einen Blog für DeutschAkademie schreiben zu können.

Mein Name ist Ewa und ich komme aus Polen. Ich besuche Berlin sehr oft und versuche immer die deutsche Sprache und Kultur besser kennenzulernen. Ich habe schon einen Grammatikkurs und einen Intensivkurs hier in DeutschAkademie Alexanderplatz gemacht. Jetzt ist die Zeit reif für einen Konversationskurs.

Habt ihr auch damit Probleme, eine fremde Sprache im Gespräch zu benutzen? Wie auch immer: Übung macht den Meister! Ich übe also die vier Fertigkeiten: Lesen (am liebsten!), Schreiben, Hören und Sprechen. Macht ihr mit?


1. Stammtisch im Februar

Vanessa Kley
Berlin, am 12. Februar 2016

Auch unser erster Stammtisch im Februar war wieder ein voller Erfolg! Wir haben uns über jeden Einzelnen, der zur super Stimmung beigetragen hat, gefreut. Ein besonderer Dank geht an alle, die ihr Gesangstalent auf der Karaoke Bühne bewiesen haben. Wir freuen uns auf das nächste Mal!
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