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Danke :) Deutsch Akademie

Berlin, am 08. September 2017

I finished A1-1.

I am planning to take A1-2 and my goal is to pass B1 exam.

It is going to be long way.

I think I finished past sentence like “Ich hatte …” or “Ich bin … gegangen”.

There are many rules so it is hard to get used to.

At work, I am trying to speak in German.

But when I am lost , I ask “Sprechen sie Englisch?”.

Many people can speak English in Berlin.

I use “Ich möchte…” which means “I would like to” very often.

This is very convenient.

I really feel satisfied that I have taken this class.

I had a lot of candies till now.

At least 50 or more 🙂 🙂

This is free!


The Last class

Berlin, am

What we did the last lecture today is that…

We checked homework as usual, followed text book, teacher explained some stuffs we are done before and watched popular carnival in Germany video on youtube.

There were happy people dancing, drinking and smiling.

I could feel something German traditional with it.

I was not able to get any sentences in German but I noticed and heard some words.

I feel my German is improving compared to before taking German class.

This means good enough to me 🙂

Some class mates also said that they understood some.

I am proud of me to attend classes completely 🙂

In the real life, I still can’t catch German perfectly but I am focusing on listening to or trying speaking in German.

When I understand what people said in German and people understand what I said ,I am so happy.

I keep studying.


Der Mauerpark :) Das Schnitzel :)

Berlin, am 07. September 2017

On Sundays, There are many people, many shops in Mauerpark.

Some people perform there.

It is very fun.

There are big Karaoke event that we can listen to them singing.

First, I thought that some famous guy was singing but they are random.

And I want to introduce Good German food „Schnitzel“ and good red wine!

The restaurant was in Mitte.

It tasted so nice!

I am not much of drinking red wine before I come to Berlin but I really love it now.

Not so crazy expensive but taste so good.

I want to try German traditional food more.


German course in the evening

Berlin, am 06. September 2017

Most of my class mates are workers.

My class starts at 18:15 and finishes at 21:15.

I guess they come to school after work.

I work from around 11 or 12 to around 16:00 during I have class.

I work less but I felt tired after school.

Between work and school, I do homework and sometimes go to the gym.

There are some another classes which start in the morning or afternoon.

I was supposed to take the morning class but it was not available so I had no choice.

I knew morning class is more popular than evening.

Also I have holidays for two weeks so I wanted to have class in August anyway.

Now I am glad to have evening class because I am satisfied with class mates and teacher!


Enjoy learning German

Berlin, am

The one of good point at Deutsch Akademie is nice atmosphere.

People seem being relax.

I think it is not strict here in bad way.

Students and teachers are motivated and I can feel enjoying learning German.

In class, I like to have a conversation in German with class mates.

I am sure that it helps improving German.

In 3 hours, there are 15 minutes break time.

At that time, we can go out of room and have a rest.

We can buy something to eat, juice and coffee as well.

To take a rest is good for refreshing your memories so you can put new of German 🙂

Gute Nacht ☆


Rad fahren :)

Berlin, am 05. September 2017


In Berlin, There are many loads for bicycle.

It is very good for cycling.

I usually cycle to work, to gym, to school.

In winter, it is so cold for me.

But when it is sunny day in summer, it is amazing to cycle!

Especially near park or places which have many trees.

You can feel fresh air and beautiful sunshine.

I never cycled so many times like now before.

I drove my car , took a train ,only sometime took a bicycle in my country.

We can enjoy cycling here!


Deutsch Sprache

Berlin, am 04. September 2017

I am getting used to attend lecture.

But I am still confused about “Maskulinum”, “Femininum” and ”Neutrum”.

There are some languages which have those rule.

But actually, my mother tongue language doesn’t have those and also grammar is completely different.

To understand German is not so easy but when I learn and get something, I can feel it is fun 🙂

Der—Maskulinum—masculine noun

Die—Femininum—feminine noun


I think it is important to talk to German or people who speak German.

To use German in your real life is the one of best way to learn it.

I want to acquire German.


Wie haben abendessen gegessen

Berlin, am 03. September 2017


I had dinner with my class mates in Arabic restaurant which is located in Xberg.

I had soup, kebab with rice and vegetables, bread , lemonade and traditional tee.

Those were very nice.

In Xberg, there are many nice restaurants and cozy bars, many people.

You can feel something international with this area.

I cycled there. It took around 25 to 30 minutes from my flat.

It is not warm but not so cold yet.

I feel like summer is over sadly…

Anyway it was nice evening with my classmate!


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