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Handy phrases for your next shopping trip

Berlin, am 16. Januar 2018

I don’t know about you, but I end up using Deutsch (well my broken and cringe-worthy Deutsch) the most at the supermarket – when I’m looking for something or at the cash register. When I first landed in Berlin, going to the supermarket was such a scary, anxiety inducing ordeal because of the Deutsch I’d be confronted with, from the products to the communication with staff. So when we did an exercise in class which required us to create sentences as supermarket customers and staff, I listened eagerly and greedily kept the chits of paper. Very useful!


German Humour?

Berlin, am

Have you seen the posters from the Berlin Police? The theme is a reminder that they are there for Berlin. I wonder what has prompted these posters, perhaps elections are close or reassurance around key public holidays that we’re being kept safe? Regardless, the posters mix in some humour. Perhaps the funniness is lost in translation because I found the humour more cute than funny. In the below poster it says „There for 1282695 emergency calls in the year, and not for asking about the weather. There for Berlin“. I think I’ll check this with our teacher tomorrow to see if I can get the „funny“ part.

A bonus, I understood 95% of the Deutsch in this poster. My Deutsch is definitely improving!


Panorama Strasse

Berlin, am

Did you know that there are two Alexander Platz locations for Deutsch Akademie? I thought there was only one, the one nearest to the shop Saturn. I completed my A1.1 and A1.2 there. I assumed that my A2.1 would also be there, but turns out it’s at the Panorama Strasse location. I felt a bit anxious, because what if it’s hard to find or not so pleasant? Well I found it easily enough, 1 Panorama Strasse was clearly written on the building and the receptionist inside kindly pointed out where I should go.

Beside being easily to find, it’s right next to the Berlin tower, easy peasy and pretty cool. See the building on the right of the picture below, that’s where the classrooms are. And the rooms are just as pleasant as the other location in Alexander Platz, though perhaps less busy. It’s kinda nice to change up the locations.


Beauty is in the details

Berlin, am 12. Januar 2018

I live in Prezlauer Berg and I usually walk home from school (Deutach Akademie on Panorama Strasse, Alexander Platz). I try to take different routes home so it’s interest, otherwise the 30min walk home can be a tad boring. So the other day I walked through the inner streets around Kollwitzplatz and noticed these beautiful street posts (see the below picture). They look really majestic, and I really love the Berlin Bear (Berlin City Coat of Arms) on top.

This city is full of interesting stuff hidden in full sight, all we have to do is slow down and look around.



Foggy Berlin

Berlin, am

Mid week, Berlin turned mysterious. Everything was smothered in mist,  it felt like something magical could happen. The passing of time didn’t exist on that day, it was perpetually grey and misty until suddenly it was dark. I loved this day, the heavy fog made Berlin so playful (to me anyways, I’m sure it wreaked havoc for car drivers).

Deutsch for Fog is der Nebel.

The below picture is of Berlin tower being hidden by the heavy fog. Pretty awesome eh?


Our new classmate

Berlin, am 09. Januar 2018

Today we had an additional classmate, our teacher brought him along. His name is Charlie, he is very short, very hairy and very friendly. Everyone thought he was great. One problem was that he fell asleep in class a few times, we knew because we heard his snores – made us all laugh.  I hope he stays with our class. I’ve always wanted a buddy like him, so it’s super nice to hang with him even if it’s only in class.

Can you spot Charlie in the below picture?


Bis bald Christmas!

Berlin, am 08. Januar 2018

So Christmas and the festivities around it have officially ended. We begin the cold, dark, and dull period before Spring. Even though I know Spring comes late here in Berlin, I’m looking for signs already! I think it’s because I know the shortest day (as in the day with the least daylight hours) went by in mid-December, so automatically my brain associates longer days with sunshine and twilight summer nights (it never truly gets dark in Summer)   >.<  bring back Summer!!

Ok, I’m pushing back my inner summer enthusiast into forced dormancy.

If you walk along the streets now, you’ll notice old Christmas trees stranded on the sidewalk. Seeing them makes me feel sad, because they are a reminder that the fun part of winter is over. You’ll notice everyone looks a bit grumpier (ha! I hear you say „Berliners always look grumpy“, true but x10 right now).  We’ll all waiting for winter to be over.


First day back!

Berlin, am

First day in my A2.1 class. Last year I completed my A1.1 and A1.2 courses. I was undecided if I should continue onto A2.1 or give myself a break to absorb all the Deutsch we had learnt. Well I know me, I’ll start to forget the lessons and probably become too lazy to revise in my own time. So I enrolled in the next A2.1 class!

We had a 2 week break over Christmas and New Years, so I thought I’d go through the previous course books and revise. Of course I couldn’t bring my self to study in advance and hence I spent last weekend cramming. To be honest, I don’t think I absorbed my lessons so well throughout December, I think I really do need the lessons spread across 4 weeks (in December, the course is squeezed into 3 weeks).

Also, I’m optimistic about our teacher too. By having different teachers for my A1.1 and A1.2 courses, I’ve come to understand what sort of teaching style I like. I prefer the teacher to be really structured and to use the kursebook book (I’m a visual learner, when I see something written or drawn I absorb the information better).

I’ll keep you posted on how I go over the next 4 weeks 🙂