Dania, 19. January 2021

Once more, I have a great and diverse group of classmates. At the start of each class, it’s always fun to see each other and where we are. Others like, as much as I do, to enjoy the online class from their couches or favorite desk, or travel and join from the road or abroad.

For a few days, a classmate joined the lesson from a boat in the sea of Sardinia, in Italy. He enjoys the freedom of learning online and took holidays to celebrate his birthday and go sailing. While here in Germany we had rainy days, we could see through the camera that he had blue sky and sunny days, he showed us around, and we could travel with him for a little bit.

Right away, and to playfully compete with his amazing background, we tried the backgrounds of landscapes and other photos that the platform allows us to use (here, I´m in the class using a photo I took in Macedonia). That led to a fun conversation where, while playing, we were speaking German as fluent as ever. That is definitely a nice and fun way to learn German!


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