Wörterbuch = words book, a.k.a. dictionary. German makes sense, right? 🙂

Probably you had never thought before that a dictionary can become your new best friend, but truth is that when you learn a new language you hear and read words all the time which you absolutely have no idea what they could mean. So having a dictionary nearby can save you from more than one situation.

Sometimes google translate, although the most popular solution, is not enough to get the proper or more accurate translation. In my opinion, it is worth it to have a backup resource, like a traditional paper dictionary, or a good app on your smartphone that allows you to look up words and also check their gender and a few examples of use.

What I also recommend is to get, if you have the chance, one visual dictionary like the one you can see below. This was a birthday present and it’s very useful. It depicts all the vocabulary you can imagine and also some example sentences where words are used. It has many different categories and it’s not as boring as reading a word list. Pictures help memorising and also makes it more clear to understand the precise meaning.

12_Dictionaries_02 12_Dictionaries_03

Check out in a book store if you can buy one in your own language, it’s a good resource that you’ll use for sure.