A Must-See for students at the best German school in Berlin

Fernanda, 22. October 2019

Hello everybody!

Here is something historical and for free to do for all students at the best German school in Berlin: the Reichstag. The building was constructed as a house for the parliament of the German Empire from 1894 to 1933. Of course, as most of the city, it was damaged with the war. The building was not the house of the government anymore, given the separation between East and West after the war, and it took some time to start the reconstruction. They slowly reconstruct and refurbished the Reichstag, but only after the German reunification in 3 October 1990 was possible to join efforts and the modern Bundestag was ready in 1999. Today is possible to visit the dome and have a 360o view of Berlin, and be a spectator in one of the sessions from the Bundestag.