How to best prepare yourself for your new online classes!?

Fabio, 04. Mai 2020

Your new Online classes can be challenging at times, at home we have so many distractions, here is some tips on how to be able to put those distractions aside and get you focused and productive while you are in class.

Have the correct equipment, take advantage of those headphones you maybe only use for music, they will prevent you from noises around you and also increase greatly your understanding of what your teacher and colleagues are talking about, they will also understand you better, simple headphones with a speaker point can do a great job.

Make yourself comfortable, not in bed, a nice bright environment, preferably in a table so you can also write comfortably, it will make the difference and will not make you tired.

Lastly, try to be in a space free of distractions, that is a bit difficult when you live with someone else, but the noise around you impacts your focus in class, so ideally you should be in a room alone, TV should be off and phone away, remember, self-discipline is key to succeed.

How to enjoy your online classes in Berlin!

Fabio, 02. Mai 2020

Due to the current circumstances we all got confined to our homes and forced to adapt to carry on with our work or studies online. When is about learning German we all share the same thought that it should be done in a classroom with teacher and classmates to practice. Before I started the online  German course I was also skeptical, I tried the first classes to get to know the software, the dynamic and how I could best absorb the material and help my colleagues to also progress with learning the German Language.

The first and second classes I would say were an adaptation period for everyone, not differently from how is in a real classroom, you get to know each other, see how the teacher will lead the class, how the explanations and interactions will be. After this first couple of classes we all started to get familiar with dynamics and work together in order to help everyone understand the content and move forward. We started to have fun, make jokes and interact more and more, so with a little discipline and focus we are being able to make great progress with our German. 

About myself!

Hi, I am Fabio and I am from Brazil, I moved to Berlin six months ago, I have been living abroad for the last 9 years. One year ago I decided to move to Germany, because of it’s economy and forward thinking style, also because Berlin is such a cosmopolitan city that makes foreigners always feel welcomed, I had visited the city couple of times and chose to make a fresh start here, best choice ever. 😊

Before moving I have done extensive research about German Language School and quickly came across DeutschAkademie as the best option, the most important things for me were price, customer satisfaction and location. I have alternated between Intensive and Semi-Intensive Courses, with a lot of spare time I managed well the Intensive Course, but when I started working a Semi-Intensive was a more suitable option, the transition between them was  always easy because the modules are short and the school offers many options of timings.

For the past two months I have been doing A2.2 level Semi-Intensive online, in the next posts I would like to share with you guys my first experience with my online German course, also some tips to best succeed with learning German language.